Video 錄 像


Concerto of Colour



(1 min 19 sec   2016)

The video and sound are recordings of the artist washing the color plate. It is a scene where energies blend. The recorded images and sounds are edited on computer - with the computer being a new source of energy. Employing different energies at different stages in the creation process is the crux of the artist's interests and the main topic of exploration.

作品的圖像和音樂來自於藝術家洗刷顏色盤的過程, 藝術家把整個過程視為多種能量交融發生碰撞的現場. 採集後的影像和聲音被再次使用電腦進行了處理, 這個環節, 藝術家又把電腦視為新能量介入創作. 這種採用多重能量襲虐式創作的方式, 是藝術家感興趣及試圖深入探究的.


Not About Slow Pace 



(10 min 18sec   2016)

When the artist first arrived in Wuhan in 2016, he saw the speed of the city's development with its towering skyscrapers. That inspired him to question what 'speed' mean. Such a simple question led to further questions on a number of issues facing our society as a whole. The video in the installation was taken in 2014 at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, one of the busiest intersections in the world. The video is played in slow motion to immerse audience in an almost religious ambience, to allow them to deeply experience the power of a slower pace that might be missing in their day to day life.

視頻圖像拍攝於2014年, 來自香港銅鑼灣, 一個人車高度密集穿梭的十字街口. 當2016年藝術家身處武漢, 看到整個武漢高樓聳立的速度, 引起藝術家對速度的思考. 速度到底意味著甚麼? 這種簡單的追問折射出對整個社會層面諸多問題的考量. 作品中藝術家將視頻的速度減緩, 把觀眾帶入一種具有宗教色彩的影像空間, 使觀者體驗慢的力量帶給心靈的特別觸動.